Autumn 2021


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Posted: Tuesday 21, September, 2021


Babies have really enjoyed exploring with leaves since they have started to change colour and fall off the trees in the garden. They have done some sponge painting with leaf shaped sponges, leaf rubbing with crayons and even explored nature with some playdough! 


Middle room have also been enjoying the falling leaves in the garden! They have had fun going on leaf hunts and seeing how many different sized leaves they could find! They have also enjoyed a nature filled tuff tray and done some lovely arts and crafts activities with the leaves they have found.


Preschool have also collected some leaves in the garden and have wanted to bring some in to do leaf rubbing with. They have enjoyed using the crayons to make rubbings, and also done some leaf painting with the water colours. 


We are all exploring the new nature that comes with the changing of seasons! Everyone is excited for autumn and doing lots more autumn themed activities!