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Look what we have been up to!

Posted: Thursday 08, August, 2019

  Preschool The preschool children had lots of fun on their listening walk to the park!     Toddlers The toddlers enjoyed making medals as part of their sports topic    Tweenies The tweenie children loved making aeroplanes      Babies   The babies painted cars and splashed with cars in the water                

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Life cycle of a butterfly

Posted: Tuesday 07, May, 2019

The Preschool children loved exploring the different stages of the life cycle of a Butterfly!                        

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World Book Day 2019

Posted: Monday 11, March, 2019

The children loved dressing up for World Book Day!  

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Happy New Year!

Posted: Friday 04, January, 2019

Welcome back! The children have enjoyed their first few days back at nursery!    The babies have enjoyed painting this week!    The toddlers have been listening to the story of the bear hunt. They loved making swirly whirly snowstorm pictures!     The preschool children had so much fun making a train during free play! They used playing cards as their tickets and took turns to be the driver.   

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Merry Christmas!!!

Posted: Monday 24, December, 2018

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