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Pancake Day 2020

Posted: Friday 28, February, 2020

The babies enjoyed trying their pancakes for pudding!  The tweenie and toddler children enjoyed trying their pancakes for pudding.  They also used playdough pancakes and practiced flipping them in the frying pan!  The preschool children enjoyed flipping pancakes in a frying pan! 

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Light and dark, library trip and families

Posted: Thursday 23, January, 2020

Preschool have been learning all about light and dark. They have been talking about nocturnal animals and learning all about shadows    The toddlers had a great time visiting the library! They loved looking at all the books!  The babies' topic this week is family. They had lots of fun making a family tree and exploring a 'family breakfast' sensory tray !  

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Numbers, space and garden time!

Posted: Thursday 16, January, 2020

The babies had lots of fun in the garden!    The Toddlers have been creating their own number lines from 1-5    Preschool have been learning all about space!  

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Happy New year 2020!

Posted: Friday 10, January, 2020

  The preschool children enjoyed their walk to the pet shop! The Tweenie and Toddler children are learning about healthy eating. They went on a walk to Waitrose to search for some different fruits and vegetables     The babies have loved exploring messy play     

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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas 2019!!!

Posted: Monday 23, December, 2019

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