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Valentine’s Day-Week of crafts and fun! 2015

Posted: Tuesday 17, February, 2015

This week the baby room have been making Valentines day decorations! We used love hearts and paint and printed onto pasta sheets!      Making Cakes Some of the children helped to make cakes for Valentine’s Day….SURPRISE! We spoke about the ingredients used, texture and colour of each ingredient….. Hope they were yummy       Making Love Bugs-they give nice hugs! The children were each given the pieces needed for their love bug and they designed them all by themselves…They looked

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Exploring animals Jan 15

Posted: Friday 30, January, 2015

This week pre-school have been learning all about animals............. So we started the week with a trip to the pet shop! We saw lots of fish but also spotted the grasshoppers which caught all of our attention.   Once we came back we went on a worm hunt, and also made marks using long and short pieces of string to give a worm trail effect!   We cut out different sized circles and used ribbon to hold

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Ooh Arr - Toddlers pirate play

Posted: Monday 26, January, 2015

This week the Toddlers have been very interested in Pirates - ooh arr Toddlers created treasure maps, using screwed up paper, wet tea bags and lots of imagination!!   We’ve turned our den into a Pirate ship     where we enjoyed using the telescope to look for treasure!! 

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Tewkesbury Open Morning Jan 15

Posted: Thursday 22, January, 2015

We had our open morning this month, to give all parents the opportunity to come into the setting to see how much fun their children have with us at nursery! Babies enjoyed sand play, emptying and filling containers, and the older children were exploring colour/colour mixing and play-dough  What Fun!         

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Fun at Elephant Moon - Wc 12/01/15

Posted: Thursday 15, January, 2015

We were all very happy to explore and play with the snow we found in our Garden, what a lovely surprise!      Toddlers had fun taking a winter walk to the pet shop! We found lots of animals there, including Fish, a huge fluffy rabbit, hamsters and even a turtle.      Pre-school have been talking about the Jungle this week they used banana , rice crispies and yoghurt to make ‘snakes skin’. We have also been painting jungle animals and sticking lots of coloured tissue paper to create our wiggly

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