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Kings and Queens! Sept 2015

Posted: Thursday 17, September, 2015

This week we celebrated the Queen being the longest reigning monarch, after being on the throne for 63 years!!   The children loved having their faces painted, creating crowns and role play - who doesn't want to be a prince or princess!!                      

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Graduation Ceremony Cheltenham 2015

Posted: Monday 31, August, 2015

We had an amazing Graduation Day and thank you all for being there! The children really enjoyed bringing their parents and grandparents along to be part of their special day!    We all had fun joining in and laughing at ‘Silly Sarah’ who put on an amazing magic show!  Followed by a lovely Graduation ceremony, and a party tea.                Pre-school were all

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Texture Play babies July 15

Posted: Thursday 06, August, 2015

This week the baby room have been exploring different textures. The babies had lots of fun exploring ice cubes, they giggled lots as the ice turned into water.          We have had great fun with our sensory pebble, which changes different colours using the remote control which the babies can also use! This is a new favourite of theirs and they all really enjoy having it out. As the babies enjoyed trying to eat the ice cubes we made ice lollies too, they enjoyed trying different flavoured

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St Swithin’s Day…’The christening of the apples’

Posted: Monday 20, July, 2015

St Swithin’s Day is a day which people watch the weather, for tradition says that “whatever the weather is like on St Swithin’s Day, it will continue for the next forty days”          We spoke about this day in circle time this morning to all the children, and they have really enjoyed getting messy and creating our new display for St Swithin’s Day…              At circle time, the Pre-School children asked if we could read Noah’s Ark to

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Our new friends!!!

Posted: Saturday 27, June, 2015

This week the children have been very excited as we have new pets, we have 2 Giant African snails.      All of the children around the nursery have been thinking of different names for the Snails, some of the suggestions we had were, Nelly, Shelly, Peppa, Slimes and Tiddler!      The children decided to name our new friends Tiny and Slimey!!      All of the children had lots of fun holding the snails, spraying them with water and feeding them fruit and

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