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Christmas 2016

Posted: Thursday 22, December, 2016

The children have had a fun packed Christmas week! Here are a few snippets:   The children had a visit from Father Christmas, where they received lovely presents.     We have also been on a visit to the Regent Arcade to sit on Santa’s sleigh     We loved our trip to the

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Remembrance Day 2016

Posted: Tuesday 15, November, 2016

On Friday, the preschool children attended the memorial statue to honour Remembrance Day. The children made wreaths and talked about the brave soldiers who fought for our country.        

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Visit from Zoolab October 2016

Posted: Monday 10, October, 2016

This week was very exciting as we had a visit from Zoo lab!! The children really loved seeing and learning about all the different animals! We enjoyed discussing how high a frog could jump and how cold a snail felt in your hands!  It was great to see the big snake slither across the floor and we were really proud of how willing the children were to hold and touch all the different animals!  All of the children had a fab time, see below pictures      

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Trip to the Library Oct 16

Posted: Saturday 08, October, 2016

The toddler group went on a walk to the library this morning, On their travels they saw lots of birds, squirrels and even cats!     Inside the library the toddlers enjoyed playing the with the library’s sensory wall,       before choosing their favorite story books for our group story time.  

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Health Care Sept 16

Posted: Tuesday 20, September, 2016

This week our preschoolers have been discussing health care and healthy eating. We really enjoyed talking about Healthy Eating and the importance of brushing our teeth...       We have had some interesting conversations about what makes our bodies grow, including how much fruit you need to eat before you are really strong and if Ice Cream is healthy because it contains milk :-) We finished off with a delicious fruit

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