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Remembrance Day

Posted: Friday 10, November, 2017

Preschool  At circle time the preschool children shared their experiences of being brave just like the brave soldiers in the war! They then made a wreath using leaves and flowers which they took to the war memorial.            Tweenies and Toddlers  The tweenie and toddler children used their hands to make poppy pictures!           Babies  The babies made poppies by painting cup cake

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A spooky halloween at Elephant Moon!

Posted: Friday 03, November, 2017

Look at some of our Halloween costumes!                                 

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Take a look at what we have been up to this week...

Posted: Friday 27, October, 2017

Babies This week babies have been listening to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have had lots of fun exploring gloopy porridge!      Tweenies and Toddlers The Tweenie and Toddler children have been getting messy by exploring lots of different textures!     Preschool The theme in Preschool this week was light and dark. The children enjoyed making dens and experimenting with lights! They also re created the story of the Gruffalo using shadow puppets!  

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Posted: Friday 20, October, 2017

    Babies The babies enjoyed exploring with different fabrics to make a sari.        Tweenies and Toddlers The Tweenies and Toddlers had lots of fun making Diwali lanterns and dressing up in sari's         Preschool  Preschool had a go at designing their own henna patterns and enjoyed getting them painted onto their hands    

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Look what we have been up to this week!

Posted: Friday 06, October, 2017

Preschool  The topic in Preschool this week was 'All about me.' The children had lots of fun making faces at tea time!      Toddlers  The toddlers enjoyed exploring ice and shaving foam as part of their weather theme.       Tweenies  The Tweenies enjoyed listening the story of 'The Animal Bop' and making animal foot prints!        Babies The Babies have been listening to 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. They loved exploring the 'thick oozy

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